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Rozen Maiden Dolls Names

Rozen Maiden dolls are collectible items which are popular among fans of the Japanese animated series and the manga, or comic. The dolls regard the dollmaker, Rozen, as their father. The manga is centered on Jun Sakurada, a young boy who encounters each of the dolls as they go on their quest to become the perfect maiden, or “Alice”. Jun is a hikkomori, or recluse.

Rozen Maiden Doll - Wikimedia Commons Fair Use Rationale
Rozen Maiden Doll – Wikimedia Commons Fair Use Rationale

These are the Rozen Maiden dolls names in Romaji:
1. Barasuishou- Barasuishou is not regarded as a real Rozen Maiden since she was made by Rozen’s apprentice, Enzo
2. Hinaichigo
3. Kirakishou
4. Shinku
5. Suigintou- Suigintou was the first Rozen Maiden doll

Some of the dolls have physical or psychological traits which work against them, while other traits are unique characteristics which make them easy to identify. For example Suigintou lacks a part of her torso in the anime and has black wings in the manga. People who purchase these and other collectibles may find that these dolls are collected more for the emotional investment than an expectation of financial return.